The purpose of this handbook is to supply each member club with a quick reference to the responsibilities requested from HSRDC. All information is taken from the current HSRDC By-Laws, Procedure Manual, or Rules of Order. A copy of this material can be obtained on our web site Its objective is to be helpful to each member club with the timely information that is requested by HSRDC. The goal is to enable member clubs to be informed with the information it agreed with when joining the HSRDC.

Table of Contents

  1. Terms of Office
  2. Special Dances
  3. Quarterly Council Meetings
  4. State and National Square Dance Festivals
  5. State Meetings/Dances**
  6. Special Dance Calendar
  7. HSRDC Officers
  8. Election of HSRDC Officers
  9. HSRDC Dues
  10. HSRDC Membership List
  11. Certificate of Insurance (COI)
  12. IRS Filings
  13. HSRDC Dance "Go Dark" Schedule**
  14. HSRDC Officer Admittance Into Dances
  15. HSRDC Officers In Review
  16. Graduations
  17. Special Caller/Cuer Recognition
  18. Special Dance Promoter of the Year Recognition
  19. Lifetime Achievement Award
  20. Club President and Officer Changes
  21. Current Club President Contact Information
  22. Caller/Cuer Contracts
  23. Incentive Programs
  24. Deadlines

    Appendix AA IRS Guidelines for Square and Round Dance Clubs

    Appendix BB Guidelines for Completing Application for Membership in Houston Square & Round Dance Council

    Appendix CC Where Do You and Your Club Fit into the Square Dance World?

    Appendix DD Services Provided by HSRDC

Appendix EE Sample Caller/Cuer Contract

** New or Updated since last update

  1. TERMS OF OFFICE: HSRDC officers hold an office for a one year term from January 1st to December 31. Some of the appointed officers serve more than one term at the request of the present president. Our Policy Manual recommends that no officer hold an office for more than 3 years. In no event should they hold office for more than 10 years with the exception of the photographers or other positions as determined by the HSRDC Executive Board. (Section 1.0 Appointed Directors)
  2. SPECIAL DANCES: The HSRDC is responsible to provide four dance events each year: the President’s Ball, the Trade N Buy/New Dancer Jamboree, a Teen Scholarship Dance, and the Hoedown.
    1. The President’s Ball is usually held near the beginning of the year. Its purpose to is honor the presidents of each member club.
    2. The Trade N Buy/New Dancer Jamboree is often held in the springtime. Its purpose is to provide a place for dancers to purchase and sell square dance clothes while giving the new dancers a place to meet and dance with new dancers in the area.
    3. The Teen Scholarship Dance is often held in the summer. Its purpose is to raise money for scholarships provided to teen dancers. This money is pooled with all councils in the state.
    4. The Hoedown is to be held in the last quarter of the year. The purpose is to provide a dance for all the dancers in the council to meet, dance with members from the council, and reap the rewards of the work of the year.
  3. QUARTERLY COUNCIL MEETINGS: A council meeting is held once a quarter. Notices are given to date and time. Each club has 4 votes. It is highly suggested that the presidents of each club and two other members make up these 4 votes. The business of the council is discussed and voted on at these meetings. It is important that each member club have representatives at each meeting.
  4. STATE AND NATIONAL SQUARE DANCE FESTIVALS: Texas hosts a State Festival each year in early June. These dances can be held in any city in the state of Texas. ALL CLUBS IN HSRDC ARE REQUIRED TO BE DARK DURING THIS TIME IF THE STATE FESTIVAL IS IN OUR DISTRICT.
  5. A National Square Dance Festival is held each year in different host states. Much publicity is provided in a timely fashion on these two events.

  6. STATE MEETINGS/DANCES: Four times a year, the TSFSRD Officers and Delegates meet to conduct their business. Along with the meeting, there are Friday and Saturday night dances. The meetings are held in various districts around the state. The meetings are held as follows:
    1. January – Nominating Committee – Officers are nominated for the new fiscal year that begins July 1.
    2. March – Conclave – Officers are elected.
    3. June – State Festival
    4. October – President’s Meeting

    ALL CLUBS IN HSRDC ARE REQUIRED TO BE DARK DURING THIS TIME IF THE STATE MEETING/DANCE IS IN OUR DISTRICT. (See Appendix BB or HSRDC Policy Manual Page 26 - Guidelines for Completing Application for Membership in Houston Square & Round Dance Council)

    The Special Dance Calendar on should be consulted when scheduling any special dance or national caller. Many special dances are scheduled at the same time every year. Scheduling opposite another club’s big dance can hurt both clubs’ attendance.

    As soon as you have scheduled a special dance, make sure to send the date to the Dance Calendar Coordinator. They will make sure your date gets posted in a timely manner.
  8. HSRDC OFFICERS: The HSRDC Executive Officers consist of a President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary. District Directors are also elected. A complete list of appointed officers can be found on the website, in the Procedures Manual .
  9. The current president is responsible for the appointed officers each year. It is the responsibility of each club to encourage members to serve as officers.

  10. ELECTION OF HSRDC OFFICERS: The election of new officers is held during the Third Quarterly Meeting. Names are submitted prior to this meeting to the District Directors for their review before presentation for election.
  11. Any member in good standing can be considered for election to serve as a HSRDC executive officer. It takes a majority vote of members present to elect an HSRDC executive officer. (By-Laws Article XV)

    The qualifications for holding an executive office can be found in the By-Laws Article IX.

    Each club has a vote for their District Director. This election is also held at the Third Quarterly meeting.

    If a club cannot be in attendance at this meeting, a letter submitting the name of their nominee shall be sent to the HSRDC Presidents. A District Director term of office should follow the guidelines of the Appointed Officers - preferably 3 years, max of 10 years.

  12. HSRDC DUES: HSRDC annual dues ($25) are required to be members of the council. This allows each club a vote at council meetings and a discount for ads in the Where N When. THIS ANNUAL FEE IS DUE AT THE FIRST OF JANUARY EACH YEAR.
  13. HSRDC MEMBERSHIP LIST: A complete list of members of each club is required twice each year. July 1st is the first list. Along with this list is a $5.00 fee for each dancer. (Dancers of multiple clubs need only to be named from one club and only pay one $5.00 fee.)
  14. The second list is due December 1st. Only a list of members is required at this time. BOTH LISTS ARE TO BE SENT TO THE TSFSRD MEMBERSHIP DIRECTOR LISTED IN THE WHERE N WHEN.

  15. CERTIFICATE OF INSURANCE (COI): Most dance facilities require a COI. Our COI is valid for one year and renews each year on October 1st. You should verify coverage each year to make sure you are still covered.

    If you are dancing at a new location for a special dance, you will need to request a COI for the new location. This may be done through the Insurance Directors. Allow 2-4 weeks to receive it.
  16. IRS FILINGS: Several forms are required to be submitted to the IRS. See Appendix AA for more information. Contact the HSRDC IRS Liaison if you have additional questions.
  17. HSRDC DANCE "GO DARK" SCHEDULE: All member clubs are required to "Go Dark" for the HSRDC Hoedown (By-Laws Article XVIII), as well as any state hosted dance in our district, including the State Festival. This includes Lessons and any other Club functions.
  18. All member clubs are also required to cancel their dance if in conflict with any HSRDC Special Dance.

    (See Appendix BB or HSRDC Policy Manual Page 26 - Guidelines for Completing Application for Membership in Houston Square & Round Dance Council)

  19. HSRDC OFFICER ADMITTANCE INTO DANCES: The HSRDC presidents are allowed to attend any dance hosted by any HSRDC member club dances without paying the suggested donation. Other HSRDC executive officers are not required to pay the suggested donation when attending Anniversary Dances and Graduations. (Policy Manual Section 1.9.5)
  20. It is the club’s decision when to allow the HSRDC Executive Officers to be admitted without the suggested donation at other dances. As a courtesy, many organizations around the state admit all their Association officers without a charge.

    Any other officers, elected or appointed, should not be required to pay the suggested fee when they are attending a dance to perform their job.

    As a courtesy, all Callers and Cuers should be admitted without the door fee.


  21. HSRDC OFFICERS IN REVIEW: It is advisable to review yourself with the duties of all officers that serve you in the HSRDC. You should rely on them to keep you informed and use them for any assistance needed.
  22. Each District Director can provide you with additional information on any aspect of the business of the council, announce special dances, and share information from one club to another, making your job more proficient. The Publicity Directors shall also help with special announcements within the council.

    All HSRDC Executive Officers, District Directors and Appointed Officers and their contact information may be found in both the printed and online Where'n'When and also on the HSRDC website, Their duties may also be found on the HSRDC website.

  23. GRADUATIONS: HSRDC has a Candlelight Graduation Ceremony that incorporates the HSRDC Executive Officers and officers from the Club. Clubs are encouraged to use the HSRDC Executive Board for their graduation ceremonies.

    Should you choose to do an alternate Graduation Ceremony, you should include the HSRDC Executive Officers when possible.
  24. SPECIAL CALLER/CUER RECOGNITION: A Houston Caller or Cuer can be recognized each year for their contributions to the Houston area square and round dance activities. A written letter submitted to the president describing why you nominate the individual is due before the 3rd Quarterly meeting. A list of the past recipients can be found on our web site
  25. SPECIAL DANCE PROMOTER OF THE YEAR: Each year a dancer in the HSRDC area can be nominated for their contributions to the activity of square and round dancing. A letter of nomination describing why you nominate this person(s) is to be submitted to the HSRDC president before 3rd Quarterly meeting. A list of the past recipients can be found on our web site
  26. LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD: This award is not necessarily given each year. A letter must be submitted to the HSRDC president describing the reason(s) you wish the person should receive this award. A list of the past recipients can be found on our web site
  27. CLUB PRESIDENT AND OFFICER CHANGES: It is the responsibility of each club to send new officer information to the HSRDC president after each election. The names and contact information is required.
  28. CURRENT CLUB PRESIDENT CONTACT INFORMATION: When there is a change of officers in the Club, it is the responsibility of the new officers to inform the HSRDC President of the new contact information (phone numbers and e-mail).
  29. Any contact information on the HSRDC website should also be updated through the HSRDC Webmaster. Usually, this contact information can be found under the "Houston Area Clubs" section.

    Your Club website should also be reviewed for outdated information. Remember, this is many times the link that other dancers have to your club information.

  30. CALLER/CUER CONTRACTS: Contracts should be made with all Callers and Cuers that you use. Included in that contract should be a statement that they are BMI/ASCAP Licensed. Anyone working with copyrighted material must be licensed to use it. Your club can be liable if the Caller or Cuer is not licensed.
  31. It is also advisable to have an "act of God" clause in case of unforeseen conditions that prevent either party from fulfilling the contract.

    See Appendix DD or the website for a sample contract for your use.

  32. INCENTIVE PROGRAMS: HSRDC announces three new attendance and monetary incentive programs: one is for club visitations & attendance of HSRDC functions, one is for reimbursement of funds a club spends on a hearing enhancement transmitter, and the third is for reimbursement of publicity expenses. Full details may be found on the HSRDC website,
    1. Clubs may earn a $50 monetary award by visiting other HSRDC clubs
    2. HSRDC has established a program whereby HSRDC will assist any club that wishes to purchase a hearing enhancement transmitter. HSRDC will pay for half of the cost of a transmitter up to a maximum of $300.
    3. The Houston Square & Round Dance Council will provide publicity funds reimbursement, up to $50, to cover many kinds of publicity such as brochures, signs, billboards, radio/TV ads, etc. The publicity expenditures must be for the Club, and will not include expenditures for wearing apparel (shirts, caps and jackets) or other items which primarily benefit existing dancers.
    1. Club Officers should consider types of publicity, which they believe will be most effective in recruiting new dancers into their Club.
  1. DEADLINES: Here are some important dates for you to remember:

Appendix AA

Internal Revenue Service

Organization Exempt from Income Tax

Rules relating to Square and Round Dance Clubs

You must file a form 1099-Misc for each person that you pay more than $600.00 per year. The form is submitted with Form 1096 as the transmittal form. Both forms are machine readable and may not be printed from a computer.

You may receive the forms free of charge from the IRS. You may pickup copies at their offices or you may order copies mailed to you by ordering them from the IRS website I suggest ordering the forms during early December.

Use Form 1096 To Send Paper Forms to the IRS

You must send Copies A of all paper Forms 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, and W-2G to the IRS with Form 1096, Annual Summary and Transmittal of U.S. Information Returns. Instructions for completing Form 1096 are contained on Form 1096

C. When To File

File Forms 1097, 1098, 1099, or W-2G on paper by February 28, 2014. Also file Form 1096 with paper forms.

You will meet the requirement to file if the form is properly mailed on Form 1096 to the following address:

Department of the Treasury

Internal Revenue Service Center

Austin, TX 73301

G. Paper Document Reporting

Follow these guidelines.

Although handwritten forms are acceptable, they must be completely legible and accurate to avoid processing errors. Handwritten forms often result in name/TIN mismatches. Use block print, not script characters.

If you have a small number of forms, consider contacting an IRS business partner who may be able to prepare them with little or no cost to you. See 5, below, for details.

Type entries using black ink in 12-point Courier font. Copy A is read by machine and must be typed clearly using no corrections in the data entry fields. Data must be printed in the middle of the blocks, well separated from other printing and guideline proportional spaced fonts, or in colors other than black, cannot be read correctly by machine.

Make all dollar entries without the dollar sign, but include the decimal point (00000.00). Show the cents portion of the money amounts. If a box does not apply, leave it blank.

2. Do not enter 0 (zero) or "None" in money amount boxes when no entry is required. Leave the boxes blank unless the instructions specifically require that you enter a 0 (zero). For example, in some cases, you must enter 0 (zero) to make corrections. See part H.

3. Do not enter number signs (#)—RT 2, not Rt. #2.

4. Send the entire page of Copy A of your information returns with Form 1096 to the IRS even if some of the forms are blank or void. Do not use staples on any forms.

Appendix AA (cont.)

Form 990

Non-profit organizations are required to file a form 990 each year.

The actual form that must be filed is dependent of income to the organization.

Form 990 EZ if for clubs that receive over $50,000 per year.]

Form 990-N (The e-Postcard) may be used by organizations that receive less than $50,000 per year.

Most clubs and the HSRDC are able to file the 990-N ( e-Postcard).

Most small tax-exempt organizations whose annual gross receipts are normally $50,000 or less are required to electronically submit Form 990-N, also known as the e-Postcard, unless they choose to file a complete Form 990 or Form 990-EZ instead.

If you do not file your e-Postcard on time, the IRS will send you a reminder notice. There is no penalty assessment for late filing the e-Postcard, but an organization that fails to file required e-Postcards (or information returns – Forms 990 or 990-EZ) for three consecutive years will automatically lose its tax-exempt status. The revocation of the organization’s tax-exempt status will not take place until the filing due date of the third year.

Due Date of the e-Postcard

The e-Postcard is due every year by the 15th day of the 5th month after the close of your tax year. For example, if your tax year ended on December 31, the e-Postcard is due May 15 of the following year. If the due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the due date is the next business day. You cannot file the e-Postcard until after your tax year ends.

How to File

You may access the filing site directly by typing or pasting the following address into your Internet browser: When you access the system, you will leave the IRS site and file the e-Postcard with the IRS through our trusted partner, Urban Institute. The form must be completed and filed electronically. There is no paper form.

Information You Will Need to File the e-Postcard

The e-Postcard is easy to complete. All you need is eight items of basic information about your organization.

Who Must File

Most small tax-exempt organizations with gross receipts that are normally $50,000 or less ($25,000 for tax years ending on or after December 31, 2007 and before December 31, 2010) must file the e-Postcard.

Appendix BB

Guidelines for Completing Application


Membership in Houston Square & Round Dance Council

1. An organization must have been shown to be established and viable regardless of the number of members.

2. The Organization must submit a completed application, a roster of members, containing names, addresses, and telephone numbers and a brief history of the organization.

3. Payment covering initiation fee and due must accompany the completed application.

4. It is mandatory for the club to carry insurance with the Council insurer.

5. An organization must hold open dances .

6. The organization must agree to cancel its dances when in conflict with the council Hoe Down or any other dances the Council sponsors during the year. (any State dance sponsored by Council).

7. Application for membership will be accepted at one regular Council meeting and for vote at the next regular meeting.

8. The organization will be visited by two different office holders of the Executive Board before vote is taken by the Council for membership.

9. Non-compliance with the By-laws or Rules of Order shall constitute reason for removal from membership with the right to appeal to the Executive Board with thirty(30) days of written notification of removal.

Appendix CC

Where Do You and Your Club Fit into the Square Dance World?

1. Houston Square & Round Dance Council, Inc. (HSRDC)

2. What are the benefits to a club which is a member of HSRDC?

3. Annual Events Sponsored by HSRDC

4. Occasional Events hosted by HSRDC as a member of TSFSRD

(Awarded to District through bids and acceptance)

5. Club Responsibilities to HSRDC

6. Square dancing is an avenue to fun and fellowship! Any questions, clarifications?

Thank you for allowing us to share this time with you!

Appendix DD

Services Provided by HSRDC

The Houston Square & Round Dance Council, Inc. serves as an umbrella organization for the square, round, clogging and fold dancing clubs in the Houston area. Its purpose is to promote and educate club members and the public on the art of American folk dancing on a regular basis.

Some of the services offered by the HSRDC are:

The HSRDC has quarterly meetings at which each club has four votes. If the club also has a District Director as a member, that increases the club's vote to six.

The HSRDC serves as a liaison between the Texas State Federation of Square and Round Dancers and Houston area clubs. The TSFSRD provides educational material to HSRDC and can be obtained by any member club dancer desiring same. TSFSRD also provides liability insurance and portal-to-portal coverage for accident or death for all square dancers when participating in square dancing activities.

Appendix EE


Club Name:

Club Contact:


City, ST, Zip

Club Contact Street Address

Telephone: Telephone:

Email: Email:


Club alternate name and phone contact #s: Date of dance: Time: to

Dance Location: Phone: (Map sketch on back of page if necessary)

Check Appropriate Blocks

1. This event is: a regular club , workshop , open , closed , other , Specify dance program: MS , PLUS , Al , A2 , C

Dance is

2. Would you like to have Line Dances or C & W Dances between tips: Yes , No ,

3. Will there be Rounds: Yes , No : Pre-rounds , Time ____________________ Rounds between tips: One , Two

4. Caller will: Call entire program , Share program with ________________________

5. The Caller *, Cuer *, Club will furnish sound equipment. *Caller , *Cuer Will , Will Not Share sound equipment with other performers.

6. Refreshments: Yes , No , Time: Evening meal, time to be determined

Special Considerations: (Such as Air Fare, Airport Contact, Publicity Information, Restrictions on calling within specified distance within specified time period, Cancellation Clause). YES NO

• • • • .

I/We agree to call the above event as described.

I/We certify that I/we am/are licensed by BMI and ASCAP to perform copyrighted music at the above stated dance program.



Caller Signature Date

Please sign and return one copy _______________________________________

_________________________________________ ________________________________ Club Representative Signature Date Complete in Duplicate: cc: Caller Club